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  • Pastor Lesaya Kelly

Lent 2017

The tomb in which Jesus was embalmed and buried is empty. Nothing but grave clothes and an angel were left. But there are things we need to leave or lay aside from our lives. There are things we need to grow into to come into a greater experience of life in Jesus Christ ourselves.

40 days of Lent is something that was introduced by the church to facilitate a focus of preparing hearts to celebrate the full meaning of Easter. Historically it has been a season of giving up and foregoing certain things.

Would you join me in 40 days of intention, starting March 1st - Ash Wednesday? I’ll post a weekly devotion sharing a thought, a theme, a verse, and a breath prayer. I’ll encourage you to set an intention for the week, but let’s walk together on this journey. Let’s talk about the challenges and the triumphs. Let’s declare an intention to hear God’s whispers and act on them. ARE YOU IN?

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