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What happens to you does matter to God! He wants you to succeed in your journey of faith. One way we grow is to learn to practice our faith in community. We connect in the week via community groups because most of life is about building community, being known and growing in God. Groups are offered for six to eight week stretches, leaving breaks for holidays. Hosted in people’s homes we consider group life to be the nuts and bolts of our church community.


Wednesday on Zoom with Chris & Lesaya: 7:00-8:00 PM. 
                          Sparkling Gems Devotional, Rick Renner.

Thursday In-Person with Rox and Freddy Dascal: 7:00-9:00 PM.

                        Theophanies: Learn how God shows Himself to people.

Friday @ Panera’s in Riverhead: 11:30 AM - Ladies with Lesaya.

                        “Life” Devotional by Lisa Harper.


Barnabus Network is a team of caring people who make hospital visits and support church family members during illness. 


Crossover Cares extends support to people in need because it is a priority for the church community. Roxanne Dascal oversees this ministry of mercy as a deacon of the church. We practically assist and encourage church family members who are in challenging circumstances.

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